Sami Yorulmaz is the founder of.
He started his activities with his Yorulmaz stationery company which he founded in 1969. First time in the wholesale trading firms stationery products, stationery and paper industry in 1990, Turkey has become the largest distributor locations. children Recep Yorulmaz and the location of all of Turkey also a major supplier of increasing their import activities from later years in Durmus Yorulmaz more as needed capacity required volume with the inclusion of the company in growing companies, winning a different momentum in 1998 after. In 2009, he started to produce paper products in his own factory in Sefaköy and opened it to foreign markets. It represents our country successfully both in domestic and abroad fairs. In 2015, Silivri, one of its own land, has entered the construction sector by launching Yorulmaz Palaces, which has been formed in 164 residential and 4 work places.
Currently, Stationery Paper continues its activities in construction and tourism sectors


Our Mission

Yorulmaz Family, who has been in business activities for many years;
The principle of offering quality and economic products of many countries of the world as a priority to its customers.
On-time delivery,
Endless customer satisfaction,
The harmless products of human health are indispensable,
In the continuously developing world, the most innovative products produced with the latest technology meet with customers.
In addition to all these, the principle of acquiring endless support for education within the scope of social responsibility project, we are a Group of Companies with Vision open to innovation.


Our Vision

The company plans to further improve its production models in 2018, and to make a larger investment investment, especially for photocopy paper and school paper products than in previous years.
Imports and production of materials that people need daily use are accelerated.
A lot of you within the world of brand representation in the possession of Turkey Group of Companies is a Yorulmaz constructive trust and support is received from the customer and the developer, clad in a future identity.
Together with a more livable society and less pollution of nature, it has accelerated its recycling efforts.
Educational societies constitute contemporary countries As a full supporter of philosophy, we are the infrastructure for our company to live for many years.



Our Product Groups
Stationery, Electronic Household Appliances, Building & Construction, Cardboard Paper, Toys