Yorulmaz International Paper Stationery; It is specialized in production, exportation, outsourcing and supplying all types of paper and cardboard, especially copy papers. It is the largest supplier in Turkey with a range including Coated Paper, Copy Paper, Offset Paper, Kraft Paper, Glossy Paper, Colored Paper, and Adhesive Coated Paper. It has been ever developping, growing and leading innovations since 1969.


Being mainly specialized in the sales of papers and cardboard species, Yorka acts on behalf of the leading producers. Since it is authorized re-seller of reputable brands of foreign and domestic companies including the group companies, it has a very large range with all kinds of cardboard and special papers. 


Yorulmaz Stationery; as one of the first companies of the group, it  produces, outsources and export all kinds of stationery materials for the schools and offices. It has been highly specialized in the sector, and it has an ever growing range of products. Our company is engaged in importation and export of many world brands to and from Turkey as representative.

Building Real Estate

 Building, construction repair and renovation, new projects and real estate are main occupations of Yoryap. It continues activities in all kinds of real estate and construction projects both in Turkey and abroad in line with technical progresses new technics in the sector.

Electronic Products

It is the electronic extension of the group actually. In addition to the hardware and consumables used in daily life, due to the large distribution network by importing and exporting electrical appliances, it has a very large range in its sector. It follows technology closely, and remains actual and updated everytime.


As the publishing company, it’s active and open to new developments, ideas and novelties in the country and abroad. All kinds of books, magazines and printed materials make publishing industry progress and develop every passing day. New forms and subjects are taken into appreciation seriously, and some are realized accordingly.

Liquid Fuel

It represents energy supply activity in the group. As it aims at full supply of the oil, gas and other energy resources, it has been always renewing itself. So new projects, innovations and new collaborations have attracted and found it. Throughout Turkey, the hotels as well as housing construction projects in the coverage of energy and oil markets are constantly in R & D and taken in the feasibility studies.